DESIGNA training programme

Our training courses show you how to make the best use of the technological possibilities offered by our systems in order to manage your parking spaces and deal with your customers. This aim is achieved through intensive training in use of the applications. The terminals' design and maintenance is also explained to you in detail.

The following training options are available in both German and English:

On your premises

At DESIGNA in Kiel

DESIGNA live Webinar

DESIGNA e Cademy

Trainer profile: Martin Ströde

Having started out in mechanical engineering, Martin is now a design engineer for special-purpose machinery. Since the start of 2001 he has been employed as a trainer by DESIGNA, and runs customer training courses for our user, technician and dealer target groups.

Martin's personal hobby-horse is the "Optimisation methods" seminar, which focuses on the correct ways of dealing with car park customers and their needs. In addition, he also provides regular training for our own service technicians and sales and marketing staff in our subsidiaries and partner agencies.

Every year DESIGNA offers around 50 training sessions for a total of over 320 participants. These are carried out by Martin either in Kiel or, within Europe, on the customers' premises too.