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    The reliability of a product depends not only on the delivered quality, but also on the maintenance and care it receives. For example, experience has shown that in the majority of cases where a Multicon is returned to us for repair, better care and regular maintenance might have prevented it from malfunctioning.
    For this reason, DESIGN offers a comprehensive range of cleansers that makes caring for your equipment easier, and thus prolongs its life.

    Over and above this, DESIGNA's original accessories also include a large range of tickets and season parker cards. These can be custom-printed according to the wishes of our customer with their own logo or special offers so that they can be used as advertising materials for either themselves or other companies.

    In principle we recommend to our customers that they use DESIGNA original accessories, as these are carefully tested by us according to strict specifications with regard to compatibility and use.

    As it is not currently possible to order our consumable products online, please use this form to send us your order. We will contact you by return to provide you with our quotation.

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