Ticket technologies

Flexibility reigns supreme

A system can only be properly integrated into different utilisation environments when a number of handling and accounting options are supported. That is why PM ABACUS supports all current technologies in addition to the trend technologies of the future.


At the entrance, each ticket is assigned a separate data set. Each transaction with the ticket is recorded and stored in a database. The database concept makes it possible to easily generate detailed user profiles and extensive reports for a period of at least 6 months – ideal for marketing purposes.

Magnetic Strip Tickets
The magnetic strip ticket is an economical technology that has been tried and tested for decades. It can be coded for any device, thus making it particularly flexible in terms of its fields of application. While the standard version of PM ABACUS supports the side strip used with EC and credit cards, the central strip version provides an advantage which should not be underestimated in routine daily use: it allows the ticket to be inserted in any position and direction. This simpler handling for the customer results in a significant increase in oper­ational capacity.
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Barcode Tickets
Barcode technology is available as a further option for PM ABACUS. This is an interesting alternative for less complex applications.
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EC and credit cards
Payment by EC or credit card at the point of sale is a matter of course for customers today. With the help of a simple extension of the Multicon, PM ABACUS is capable of securely handling all standard magnetic and contact chip cards of this type at the entrance and exit, too, thus dispens­­ing with the need for a ticket and visit to the cash desk. In addition to this, PM ABACUS offers interfaces to OEM payment terminals for the “Chip & PIN” standard (EMC Guideline).

For us, the safe use of credit cards is an issue of particular importance. Parking garage operators, end customers and financial institutions can all feel confident that the PM ABACUS sys-tems are able to safely accept credit card payments. This is backed up by the fact that the PM ABACUS systems are certified according to PABP (Payment Application Best Practices).
PABP is part of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) auditing procedure and certifies all systems that safely process, save and relay credit card data in accordance with prescribed standards. Even though PCI DSS certification is not yet compulsory, with the voluntary inspection of our PM ABACUS system, we are able to offer our customers the greatest possible security in terms of credit card processing.
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RFID Cards (Hands-free customer identification)
Hands-free customer recognition utilising Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), i.e. so-called smartcards, is of great importance, particularly for permanent tickets and debit cards and the integration of different areas of application. Customer data is stored on a microchip and a customer account set up in the system for managing transactions.
PM ABACUS supports smartcards of all standard technologies (ISO 15693, ISO14443, LEGIC, Easy Move) and many other transponder systems can be connected."
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