Communicates and controls

Thanks to consistent Ethernet communication, PM ABACUS provides the perfect infrastructure for a maximum of transparency and control right through to the terminal units. The DESIGNA-developed software uses this infrastructure in an ideal manner. No matter whether it’s operating, reporting or device controlling, perfected applications are available based on international standards to guarantee the reliable, efficient and interface-compatible operation of your system or car park network, even in the long term.

Inside the devices, a Linux operating system specially designed for this purpose takes over function control and communication with the Windows server. As open source software with a global developer basis, Linux is synonymous with absolute stability, scalability and security.
A modular software package based on Windows is used to control the parking management system. Depending on the task at hand and utilisation environment, you can decide for yourself which modules are practicable for you. Several key applications, such as reporting, are even available through a Web browser via VPN.

The central application for the control, monitoring and process visualisation of all processes in the system.
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All important statistics and evaluations are available to you worldwide through coded Internet access via this Web-capable application.
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This application allows the parking area operator to configure the tariff structure.
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The database interface for connecting to higher level control systems (such as Facility Management).
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