Unlimited performance: What PM ABACUS really has to offer

With the PM ABACUS technology, DESIGNA provides the perfect platform for large-scale regionally and internationally networked projects. The individual parking lots are linked to their respective national and international headquarters per Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is where all of the threads come together: voice and video information, reports and statistics, external alarms and signals. Thanks to the universal, open interface infrastructure of the PM ABACUS network, it can serve as a base medium for services that are both internal and external to the system. In this way, synergies and savings can be exploited to the full.

For example, outside of regular business hours all monitoring and service functions for all connected parking garages can be taken over by the international headquarters without customers noticing any difference: when they press the call button at the entry terminal they will be welcomed by a service employee in their own language.

The database concept
Every transaction that occurs during the parking process is assigned to the respective ticket in the central SQL database and made available for the reporting system. Extensive evaluations are generated at the touch of a button and made available immediately all over the world via the WebReport Internet application. From here, it is only a short step to your company database, because the automated data import into SAP or other corporate software is seamless.
The transaction data collected over a longer period of time enables the visualisation of the typical “ticket process”, from entry to the car park right through to departure – ideal for marketing purposes.

Central tariff administration
With PM ABACUS, you also have the tariff structure completely under control – individually configured for your various locations and user groups. Season parkers receive individual terms and conditions and accrued charges are invoiced automatically at agreed intervals. Car park management could hardly be any more convenient and customer friendly.