We are redefining the understanding of the parking technology field. For this reason, we have highly trained engineers who contribute their knowledge to the company, which guarantees that we can always offer our customers the best possible product. With DESIGNA, the development and production are carried out from a single source with Made in Germany quality. Each system is carefully tailored to the specific customer requirements. And that’s what makes DESIGNA products so unique.

A very special first: the introduction of three new pay stations

The fact that technical specifications and superior design go hand in hand is demonstrated by our new BlueEdition family pay stations – Pay Cash & Card, Pay Cashless and Pay Coinless. The completion of the current design generation also constitutes an upgrade of the existing design. Instead of simply having one fully equipped pay station which always involves the operating company having to make compromises if it wishes only to accept coinless payments, for example, DESIGNA is now offering three pre-defined pay stations with separate performance profiles.

All three new pay stations are designed for processing tickets and cards with magnetic strip and barcode technology. An intuitively designed user interface ensures a smooth payment process for car park customers, and a wide range of impressive services are already integrated, depending on which equipment version is selected.

The In & Out terminals – efficiency lies in calmness

The In & Out entrance/exit control terminals have by far the lowest power consumption in their class. They are based on the tried-and-tested DESIGNA operating system with all of the state-of-the art networking technologies, including the forward-looking energy management system. The device status is in sleep mode while no vehicle activity is registered, and is only activated when a vehicle approaches the terminal, which effectively reduces the power consumption. The aluminium housing is kitted out with state-of-the-art processor technology and also takes up very little space.