Concentrating competencies, increasing efficiency and guaranteeing security

In contrast to conventional server structures, with which every car park is controlled via a separate servers, with ASP it is possible to network every system together via a central server. Using this powerful and failsafe data processing centre, as the car park operator you are able to access the most up to date software applications, which are made available or retrieved over the Internet.
By only using the latest technologies and databases together with our many years of experience in the use of networked system structures, it is possible - as the first parking sector company in the world - for us to offer the ASP model as a service.

Be it an individual hotel parking garage or a large-scale worldwide networked project, Application Service Providing is suitable for every type of car park. The benefits of using ASP are clear:

  • You have full control over every system device in each of your car parks (worldwide) - thanks to automatic networking via the central server.
  • You save on purchasing costs for servers and software – and if need be can grow more quickly than your competitors.
  • You benefit from the security provided by automatic backups, the latest software updates and state-of-the-art maintenance tools.
  • Data manipulation is no longer possible, since your on-site employees cannot interfere with the server functions.
  • Data can be accessed round the clock and we guarantee its security. This means that your system is ready to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Operating costs are reduced and processes are simplified.
  • You benefit from our IT specialists' expertise