ONE goes on sale - The family of the future complete at last

    The BlueEdition family is now complete, with our radical new design of pay station, the ONE, which celebrates its official launch on 1 May 2013. Many weeks and months of pondering, meticulous work, designing, implementing, rejecting and restarting are behind us. After the impressively positive feedback received at Intertraffic 2012 in Amsterdam, where our first draft design was available to admire, we're finally there! In just a few more days the ONE and existing In and Out terminals will officially be available to buy as a family. Now seems like a good time to take a brief look back.

    It is rare to be given the opportunity of designing a product from scratch, and as we know, there's a fine line here between opportunity and risk. However, if we are genuinely convinced that an idea is a good one, then we will use all our efforts to drive it forward. For the BlueEdition family to succeed, above all one thing was needed right from the design phase: a strong dose of empathy. If we want to understand our customers better, it is, after all, not enough, simply to impose our own template of expectations on them. For this reason, in addition to other important aspects, we looked carefully into the increased requirements of potential users well in advance, tailored our development work to our findings and then consistently followed the path that we had chosen.

    When developing the new pay station, for example, we never lost sight of our guiding principle of making it as easy and attractive as possible to use. And the end result is more than gratifying: in addition to its attractive exterior, the ONE has a completely new, revolutionarily simple icon-based operation, a protective side fin, reduced energy consumption and a free choice of side colour scheme.

    And when it came to developing the new In & Out terminals too, we researched our product very carefully. Since today's cars are considerably taller than their counterparts of 10 years ago, we have raised the level of the control panel. Together with the illuminated ticket button, this makes it much clearer and more intuitive for customers to use.

    We also thought about the day-to-day maintenance and so for safety reasons positioned the service flap for changing the ticket magazine on the side and installed all of the technical components under a fully detachable hood for greater ease of access. Just how much development know-how is concealed within the terminals is shown by the innovative energy management system. If no vehicles are active in their vicinity, the entry and exit terminals stay in sleep mode. The terminal operating mode is only activated - immediately - when a vehicle approaches. As a result, energy consumption is effectively reduced. In our view, in a world of limited resources, careful and intelligent use of energy should be a matter of course.

    As everyone can imagine, now and again such an intensive development process naturally throws up the occasional small stumbling block. But let's be honest, if it didn't you might think that we weren't really working on something new and innovative, right? We are more than a little proud of what we have achieved and are just as happy to be able to share the result - the ONE - with our customers.

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