New PKE DESIGNA Parking Systems GmbH company in Austria

    Kiel, August 2017: PKE Electronics AG will be taking over a share of Austrian subsidiary DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH as of 22.06.2017. The name of the new company will be PKE DESIGNA PARKING SYSTEMS GMBH, and will be represented by managing directors Roman Fahringer and Gerhard Uibeleis with immediate effect.

    PKE Electronics AG is an Austrian company which has been run 100 % privately since 1979. PKE has been extremely successful, both domestically and internationally, particularly in the areas of security, communication, media systems, facilities engineering and building systems.

    PKE has a comprehensive network with seven branch offices in Austria, and also has branches and subsidiaries in Germany, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates, for example. The company main-ly focuses on services in the areas of sales, project management, customer support, installation, maintenance and repairs.

    The combined strengths of the two companies is a win-win situation for PKE DESIGNA PARKING SYS-TEMS GMBH and PKE Electronics AG. Two strong partners united – with DESIGNA as a worldwide leader for fully automatic parking systems on the one hand, and PKE as a leading domestically and internationally operating business with comprehensive locations in Austria on the other.

    This means optimum services for the customer and at the customer’s, project optimisation, reduced service times and quick reaction times for repairs or damage. We will be making use of the synergy of both companies for our customers and business partners! As far as the employees at the Vienna location are concerned, the establishment of PKE DESIGNA PARKING SYSTEMS GMBH means moving to the PKE building at Computerstraße 6 in 1100 Vienna. All of the preparations are already in full swing!

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