DESIGNA trainee with top mark

    Kiel, 2015-06-18: "Shortage of skilled employees". This is currently an alien concept at DESIGNA, because the junior staff members of tomorrow are trained and prepared for working life in our company. With a successful result! DESIGNA is proud of its former trainee Melanie Bumann. She came top of her class, and has now been presented with an award by the IHK in Kiel for her excellent graduations as an Industrial Management Assistant.

    She explained how much she enjoyed the training and what her plans for the future are in a short interview.

    Which departments did you get to know at DESIGNA, and what did you enjoy most?

    "I worked in the warehouse, dispatch, purchasing, spare parts, accounting, personnel, production control, controlling and marketing departments. In other words, pretty well everywhere. The thing that I enjoyed most was the wide variety of tasks that I was able to perform independently at DESIGNA. I obtained a great overview of the different departments."

    How long did your training last, and what were your examination subjects?

    "The training actually takes three years, but I was able to complete it in two and a half years. My examination subjects were accounting, economics and social and business processes, among other things."

    Which department are you working in now, and what are your plans for the future?

    "At the moment I spend some of my time in the personnel department, and some in the controlling department. Both are extremely exciting departments. DESIGNA also gives me the opportunity to study BWL online on the side. "

    Sounds like a long, eventful day. What do you do in your spare time?

    "I like sports, read a lot and spend time with my friends".




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