Parking management for hospitals

Parking area management in hospitals: 24/7 operation

The grounds of a modern central or large hospital often cover entire city districts. This poses an equally great challenge for the “parking system”, which in this case not only has to regulate the incoming and outgoing vehicles in the car parks but also the entire traffic flow within a large area.

Many different user groups with just as many different demands have to be considered here. Where ambulances and fire engines require the fastest possible unrestricted access, the main issue with employees and permanent ticket holders is fair and flexible parking fees. The catch phrase “socially compatible rates” plays an important role during the planning phase and there is also a political dimension. The powerful tariff configuration tool contained in the PM ABACUS system can demonstrate its full strength here. Very specific profiles, such as those for shift workers with fixed working hours, or patients who have to make regular return visits, can be set up easily and conveniently, thus resulting in satisfied users.

Without doubt, maximum reliability in permanent 24-hour operation is absolutely essential in this particularly sensitive environment, where human lives are at risk. The fully perfected technology and 35 years of know-how in the field of parking management that are contained in PM ABACUS make it ideal for operation in this area.

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