Parking solutions for airports

Before take-off: Park the car and enjoy the service

There is scarcely another place in the world where will you encounter such high density parking as at an international airport. The first priority is to regulate the constant in and outflow of flight passengers. The second is to control the parking of a usually very large number of airport employees and service company personnel with completely different requirements. Added to this are car rental and taxi handling, valet parking and other special parking forms. These are great challenges which demand a high-end parking management system.

The strengths of the PM ABACUS system become particularly obvious in such a diverse user situation. This is why DESIGNA technology is also to be found at many large European airports. Take the example of Hamburg, where roughly 7,000 permanent ticket holders park with the help of non-contact Easy Move technology*. Approximately 5,500 of them are service company staff whose parking fees are charged on the basis of time slots. The system automatically generates user protocols which are made available in the intranet with password protection. At the same time, the data is imported into SAP software where it is used for accounting and controlling.

As a service to airport customers, parking is also ideally suited for additional special offers. An excellent example of this is Holiday Parking, where the airport issues vouchers to travel agents who then pass these on to their customers when they book a flight. When customers then park their cars at the airport for a week, for example, they receive a welcome discount at the pay station. This is only one example of many to show how parking can be used creatively to increase customer loyalty with the help of PM ABACUS.

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