The DESIGNA trainees on a language exchange in the UK

    Kiel, 08-31-2017: Training on the road. This was the case in May for the two DESIGNA trainees An-nalena Lucht and Vanessa Behnsen. Together with 12 other trainees, they travelled from Kiel to Paignton, South Devon, to work in small companies there for three weeks. Now they are back, with experience abroad and plenty of English practice under their belts. Here`s their little interview.

    How and why did you come to be in England?

    Annalena Lucht: The project was organised by our business school in Kiel and a foreign organisation. DESIGNA encouraged us to apply for the project in order to round off our training with experience abroad. On the 7th May we flew to London Heathrow, before taking a five hour bus ride with the other 12 trainees to Torquay, where we were picked up by our host families.

    Where did you work?

    Vanessa Behnsen: I worked in the Devon School of English language school, where I helped out in the office and accompanied excursions in the region.

    Annalena Lucht: I worked in a coffee shop with many regular customers. Working as a waitress gave me many opportunities to talk to people, which improved my English.

    Where did you live, and what did you do after work?

    Vanessa Behnsen: We both lived with a host family close to our places of work. In the evenings and at the weekend we often sat together and chatted about all sorts of things, often about German and English culture, of course.

    Annalena Lucht: During our free time we also met up with the other trainees and played tennis, swam in the sea (Paignton is located on the so-called “English Riviera”!), visited the zoo and explored other towns. The highlight was definitely our weekend trip to London, which six of us undertook on our own – including a sightseeing programme :-).

    What did you think of it all?

    Annalena Lucht: We learned a great deal in terms of language in the three weeks. But it was about more than merely learning new vocabulary. We found out that we were capable of doing more than we thought, even when it came to speaking freely in a foreign language. We quickly became much more relaxed, and were no longer afraid of making mistakes.

    Vanessa Behnsen: We would definitely take the opportunity again and can only recommend the experience to others. DESIGNA made it possible for us to take part in the exchange as part of our training. Now we can implement what we have learned in our work back in Kiel and communicate with international colleagues and customers in writing or on the phone. We are very much looking forward to it.

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