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DESIGNA live Webinar: find out faster!

This training option is known as the Virtual Classroom (VC), where seminars (known as webinars) regularly take place. Participants book themselves into the VC over the internet and then take part in the training course in comfort from their own work station.
The webinars last for a maximum of 30 minutes and take place regularly:

Dates: are listed below
Target Group: DESIGNA customers and business partners
Events: The events are listed below.
Language: English

Many DESIGNA customers have already been informed, and will receive an appropriate invitation about 10 days before the start of the respective webinar. Does this include you? If not, simply send an e-mail to and you will receive a personal invitation by return mail.

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January 2019 Event Category
31.01.2019 Webinar: Chaser Tickets PM ABACUS
February 2019 Event Category
27.02.2019 Webinar: Staff Mobility Badge PM ABACUS
March 2019 Event Category
21.03.2019 Webinar: Coupon-Generator PM ABACUS
April 2019 Event Category
11.04.2019 Webinar: Value Card, time based PM ABACUS
May 2019 Event Category
16.05.2019 Webinar: Cash&Ticket Inventory Report PM ABACUS
June 2019 Event Category
13.06.2019 Webinar PM ABACUS
July 2019 Event Category
25.07.2019 Webinar PM ABACUS
August 2019 Event Category
29.08.2019 Webinar PM ABACUS
September 2019 Event Category
19.09.2019 Webinar PM ABACUS
October 2019 Event Category
31.10.2019 Webinar PM ABACUS
November 2019 Event Category
21.11.2019 Webinar PM ABACUS
December 2019 Event Category
19.12.2019 Webinar PM ABACUS