Our system - absolutely reliable.

Every element of a PM ABACUS system is designed to be a part of a much larger system – irrespective of whether this means the ten devices installed in a local multi-storey car park or the 280 terminals of an international parking network with an SAP connection. All of the components of the PM ABACUS system are open for expansion, integration and networking. This means that it is no problem whatsoever to integrate external alarm messages, information systems and databases.

The core component of the PM Abacus system is known as the Multicon. It is distinguished by very high processing speeds and its reliability in the most demanding circumstances. The Multicon
has a proven lifespan of at least 400,000 tickets. With an easy to service, modular structure, the standard Multicon version contains a needle printer for the economical printing of low-cost, uncoated paper tickets. It is also possible to upgrade to a high-quality thermal printer with considerably higher resolution. Thanks to the smartcard technology already integrated, the Multicon is also capable of processing RFID media with only a minimum amount of additional expense.